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Liz Henderson is an artist who works and lives in Melbourne, Australia. Beginning her studies in photo-based media she now works in object-based installation. Liz has recently completed a PhD titled The Scent of the Jabberwocky at Monash University, Melbourne.


Artist’s Statement:

Over the past few years, my interest has focused on the neglected sense of olfaction as a means for epistemological inquiry. Traditionally subservient to the ‘higher’ senses of sound and vision, olfaction has generally been ignored in the study of aesthetics. However, a number of artists, scientists and philosophers are beginning to explore this most mysterious sense.

Memory, sexual attraction, and social interaction are all affected by our sense of smell at both a conscious and unconscious level, my studio practice investigates memory and sexual attraction. One of my objectives is to readdress the hierarchy of the senses and highlight the significant part olfaction has played in our personal histories.

Recently I have been exploring the linguistic gap between language and scent. Of all the senses olfaction lacks its own lexicon; it is a language of metaphor and simile. Two recent exhibitions The Scent of the Jabberwocky and The Garden of Live Flowers were created to draw attention to this conundrum.

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